Londons Most Reliable Executive Car Service



How Should We Make a Booking?

Ideally by email – to which we reply personally within 20 minutes.

For the odd occasion when emailing is impossible call our office 07834 353 635 between 09:00 ~ 17:00h Monday to Friday however we do need your booking to be supported by email. When you open an account we provide you with our ‘out of hours’ number in case of emergencies.


Explain Your Two Charging Points?

We will charge from either London or Heathrow, whichever is closer and therefore cheaper. This is unique in the Chauffeuring world and the advantages are obvious but especially ideal for passengers who’s journey takes them from their London office to Heathrow, but on their return they wish to go directly home.


How Will The Passenger Know The Car Is There To Collect Him / Her?

Their driver will always make himself know by the most appropriate means for each booking i.e. introducing himself at reception, ringing the bell, Phoning/Texting etc. (He will not just wait outside unannounced).


What Is The Procedure With Airport Meetings?

The driver will be holding a large, clearly typed ‘welcome board’ bearing either the passenger’s name or that requested by yourself and will be found waiting for his passengers by the AIRPORT INFORMATION DESK which is clearly signed in every Terminal at each major UK airport. Knowing where the driver can be found is reassuring for the passenger and has proved far more efficient than having the passenger wandering around a congested Terminal studying a hundred boards.


Can You Tell Me The Name and Number Of The Driver When I Book?

We can try but we are required to be as flexible as our passengers who sometimes change their itineraries at the very last moment. On an all day booking providing driver details is no problem however for transfers it’s rather difficult.


Can We Always Have The Same Driver?

We always try to provide the same driver for each passenger on every occasion.

Passengers / Clients may nominate their preferred driver and we will do our best to accommodate.


Can I Phone The Driver Directly?

It is awkward for our drivers to receive calls whilst driving and rude for him to accept a call if he has passengers in the car. Therefore please only call the driver whilst he is on your booking. At any other time please come through us.


What If I Need to Cancel?

We recognise that in today’s hectic world itineraries can suddenly alter, however you will appreciate that lost bookings may involve costs at our end.

Therefore if you cancel with less than 9 office hours notice we will charge 50% of the expected fee.

Our office hours are from 9 - 5 Monday to Friday.

Cancellations must be supported by email and will be confirmed by us by return.

If we manage to reassign the vehicle we will only charge for the proportion of business lost.


What If I Need to Shorten the Booking on the day?

If the booking is shortened we will try to reassign the vehicle and only charge for any business lost.


How Can We Pay?

1. Opening a monthly account is simple and takes less than a minute, please contact us for details. We invoice calendar monthly by email, Accounts must be settled within 30 days of invoice date

2. By Credit or Debit card - please note that we pass on the charge your Card company charge us.

3. We can set up a company or individual American Express monthly account.


Small Print

London has many Red Routes, double yellow lined roads and parking cameras both static and mobile. Our drivers will politely advise passengers if we feel their instructions might run the risk of us incurring a fine. If our warning is overruled and as a result we receive such a fine, we will pass on the cost.

Our Chauffeur will choose a route using his experience & knowledge of local conditions. He will of course accept an alternative route as requested by his passenger, however should this result in additional miles or time being incurred an additional charge may be made.

In the extremely unlikely event of damage being caused by passenger negligence (spilling Coffee, opening doors too early etc) any resulting cost will be passed on.