Londons Most Reliable Executive Car Service

The Difference


We really are different - and here’s why.


We are owned and operated by our staff, or as we call them our team.


Our team are all self-employed and each has invested a considerable sum in their own top of the range Executive car (to our agreed specification)


No one here has a job or indeed job security – none of us has a contract (nor do we ask for a contract from our clients). Our prosperity depends solely on the satisfaction of you, our client and whilst our team members have all been in the business for many years and most have clients of their own, they all rely on us for a substantial proportion of their livelihood.


We’ve all known and trusted each other for years and our performance is as much about personal pride as the income. I started in the business in 1999 calling myself The Personal Chauffeur, then as we grew a little we became The Personal Chauffeur Company, but a better description nowadays would be The Personal Chauffeur Co operative


We are one of London’s smaller Executive car providers so if you need a fleet of 25 identical cars with 1 hours' notice driven by people whose job it is to drop one passenger and scurry off to the next job, I’m afraid that's not us. However, if you are looking for an organisation providing an old fashioned service and staffed by mature professionals all of whom have English as their first language and which would look after your people with care and professionalism, look no more.